PLK: 18th Polish Championship title in the history of the club from WROCŁAW . SLĄSK WROCŁAW CHAMPION OF POLAND IN BASKETBALL


This is how the Champion’s Cup returns to Wrocław and it is after 20 years that the basketball players of Śląsk Wrocław have won the Polish Championship.

I watched all the PLK final matches and it was really good European basketball performed by clubs from Poland . It was on Friday that Śląsk won the last game of the finals of the Energa Basket League in the 2021 / 2022 season defeating Legia Warszawa , as much as 90:77 and the whole competition 4:1, thanks to which they became Polish champions. On Saturday, 28 May, a championship fete was organised Eighteenth title of the Polish Champion .

The Centennial Hall was packed to capacity like in the old days, when Slask played at the highest European level, and tickets sold out after just three minutes. Ticket prices were very expensive.   In addition, a special fan zone was organised, because there were more fans than the stands in the hall could accommodate. It was an atmosphere like in the old days and that was something special on this day.  On Friday night, the team was militant and aggressive to win the success of the day, and if not with Andrej Urlep on the coaching bench, win it when and finally Travis Trice on the floor, then when they get this championship if not now.

The match started with a 5:5 tie, but from that moment the initiative was taken by Śląsk. Wroclaw jumped out to a 12:5 lead, and a few moments later it was already 18:8. The visitors couldn’t cope with the hosts’ aggressive defence, they made mistakes, and this fuelled quick attacks by Kosynierzy. Completely invisible was Legia’s leader Robert Johnson, who celebrated his 27th birthday on Friday. The visitors’ coach Wojciech Kaminski asked for a timeout, but it did not change anything. Śląsk added the next six points (24:8) and only then Legia’s black streak was broken with a three-pointer by Łukasz Koszarek. Kodi Justice also hit from behind the 6.75 m line and after the first quarter it was 27:11.

In the second quarter the hosts’ advantage started to decrease. After three minutes it was 31:23, but the visitors won the next part of the game by 10:0. Coach Andrej Urlep asked for a timeout, but after resuming the game Wrocław players still couldn’t break the fatal series of missed shots, but Koszarek scored from distance and after next two minutes it was tied 31:31 and the game started from the beginning.

The difference, however, was that Legia’s players had already clearly “shot” into the basket of Silesia and were hitting serially from distance. After two threes in a row by Grzegorz Kamiński, the visitors led by 37:33, and later one more basket by Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman. In this part of the meeting Wrocław players scored only six points, which is the worst result in this year’s finals.

A minute and a half of the third quarter was enough and Śląsk made up for the loss and went out to a one-point lead (39:38). Travis Trice, who played, assisted, but most of all hit shots, did a great job in this part of the game. After his three-pointer Silesia led 47:40.

Kosynierzy, cheered by the crowd, started to defend more aggressively and forced their rivals to shoot from unprepared positions. After Kerem Kanter pushed his way under the basket and scored the basket Silesia was already leading by 56:44. Coach Kaminski asked for a timeout and a short reprimand had an effect as the hosts’ lead stopped growing.

The last part of the match started with the score 61:52 and everything was still possible. An exchange of blow for blow continued for the next passages. At 73:61, Kanter, who played a great game, hit a long-range shot and Centennial Hall exploded, and when Kodi Justice repeated the feat a moment later (79:61), the celebrations began. There were just over six minutes left in the match, but a large part of the fans were no longer seated.


It was not the end of emotions yet. Legia scored five points in a row (79:66), coach Urlep asked for a timeout and the visitors’ series was broken, but nobody was going to give up. The team from Warsaw started to play fast attacks, hit from distance and four minutes before the end it was 82:69. However, when at the score of 83:74 Ivan Ramljak hit a three-pointer, a real celebration started in the Centennial Hall. The first streamers flew on the floor and the meeting was interrupted, but this did not change the fate of the match. Silesia won 90:77 and reached the Polish championship for the 18th time in its history.

At halftime coach Andrej Urlep his team… calmed down. Better defence and the return of leaders in attack allowed Slask to regain the lead. Again the unmatched Travis Trice was crazy, Dziewa and Kanter scored from far away. After another turnaround the hosts led as much as 56:44.

Silesia played too well to let the big chance slip away. The excellent Kerem Kanter was getting the ball under the basket, D’Mitrik Trice hit from a clear position from distance. When the Turkish centre hit twice from distance it was already 76:61 and the Centennial Hall flew away completely.

In Legia, the indestructible Koszarek (best game in the finals) did his best, Rahman was effective. However, the guests’ pursuit in the final minutes was overdue. “The nail” 2 minutes before the end was hammered in by an accurate three by Ivan Ramljak.

Śląsk Wrocław won the final 4:1 and won the title of basketball champion of Poland for the 18th time in its history. Silver medals for Legia Warsaw, who have every right to be very satisfied with this season.

WKS Śląsk Wrocław – Legia Warszawa 90:77 (27:11, 6:27, 28:14, 29:25)

Śląsk Wrocław : Kanter 26, Dziewa 16, Justice 14, T. Trice 11, Meiers 8, Ramljak 7, Kolenda 5, D. Trice 3, Gordon 0, Wójcik 0, Gabiński 0, Tomczak 0.

Legia Warszawa : Abdur-Rakhman 20, Koszarek 16, Johnson 13, Kemp 10, Kamiński 9, Cowels 5, Sadowski 2, Wyka 2, Kołakowski 0, Śliwiński 0.




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