The goals for Wisła were scored by Aschar El Mahdiaoui, Yaw Yeboah and Michal Skvarka. In the second game played on that day, Wisła Płock defeated Lechia Gdańsk at home (1:0).

December 17, 2021 on Friday at 18:00 was a match between the teams Wisla Krakow 3-0 Bruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza in Krakow at the Municipal Stadium named after Henryk Reyman at Wladyslaw Reymonta Street 20.

He wants to share information with our readers that December 17, 2021 on Friday evening Wisla Krakow in Krakow inaugurated the last meeting this year and it was the last
19 queue PKO Ekstraklasa. I was there and this victory I saw with my own eyes because our editorial team information24 and I JWSPORT received as every year permission that we can promote and write about our Polish football, and it has been about 12 years. Another season we have accreditation journalist for the entire season 2021 / 2022 from Wisla Krakow Atmosphere that prevailed at the stadium fills optimism for the next matches and round this club.

A good match played “White Star” this day and this match was very important for Wisła because it was the sixth time this season reached for a set of points.

To count in the top eight or not fall from PKO Ekstraklasa still need a lot of work and
withstand the second round. After the first round of Wisla Krakow occupies only 13 thirteenth place in the table, and in the past we all Krakow citizens watched as the “White Star” fights in the season for Polish Champion or Vice Champion, and not just for maintenance and somehow it will be.
May these good times come back yet and we will see this club Krakow fighting for the best trophies in the country and in Europe.

The hosts initially had considerable problems with the syntax of the action. In such a situation matters in his hands decided to take Aschraf El Mahdioui. The midfielder set the ball to himself, then banged in from about 30 meters, opening the result of the competition. Just before the break, Yaw Yeboah went up. His strike was weak, but Tomasz Loska did not show off between the posts.

In the 19th minute Wisła finally managed to make a dangerous attack, but after Aschraf El Mahdioui’s pass Michal Skvarka, instead of finishing the action himself and having only Tomasz Loska in front of him, passed to the middle of the penalty area and the defenders cleared the situation.

In response Niecieczka attacked danger twice. In both cases, however, Muris Mesanović failed to score effectively after these actions.

In the 24th minute it was already 1:0 for Wisła Kraków Aschraf El Mahdioui decided to shoot from over 25 meters and placed the ball in the top corner of Tomasz Loska’s goal.

In turn, in the 31st minute, Jan Kliment shot from a good position straight into Tomasz Loska. Wisła should have led higher, so they could have been punished for their ineffectiveness, because in the 39th minute Mešanović tricked Konrad Gruszkowski, but being in a good position, he hit the ball past our goal.
From the perspective of the hosts it was important that in the following minutes they did not retreat, but looked for more goals. They got a little bit of soccer ease and it started to get dangerous in front of the Elephants’ goal.

In 44. minute Bruk-Bet goalkeeper didn’t show off, when he let pass a not too strong Yeboah’s shot from about 15 meters and “Biała Gwiazda” went to the locker room after the first half leading 2:0.

Second half Wisła players started as well as they finished the first. Hanousek passed in front of the goal to Yeboah, but his shot instinctively deflected Loska.

Wisła, however, went after the blow, and although Savić’s pass was deflected by Loska, it was directly under the feet of Škvarka, who confidently hit the net. From the 47th minute it was 3-0!

After another ten minutes, however, it was Wisła who had another chance, but Škvarka hit the back of Felicio Brown Forbes, who took care of Loska. No wonder that a moment later it could have come back to us with a vengeance, but after the pass to Śpiewak, we were lucky and Biegański could have knocked the ball away.

The Cracovians had a three-goal lead and they slowed down. Bruk-Bet gained the advantage, but not much came out of it, because Wisła set the whole team on their front court and closed the way to the goal. The hosts were also not in a hurry anymore, when they were making constant fragments of the game.

Now, before the players almost three weeks of vacation, and then seven weeks of preparations for further play in Ekstraklasa. We hope that Wisła Kraków will come back to good disposition and will surprise us more than once with good results in the next round and with better effect. However, at the end of the year, the players showed that despite everything, they can play nice and effective football.

Wisła Kraków – Bruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza 3:0 (2:0).

Goals: 1:0 Aschraf El Mahdioui (24), 2:0 Yaw Yeboah (44), 3:0 Michal Skvarka (47).

Yellow card – Wisła Kraków: Jan Kliment, Serafin Szota, Bruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza:

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