Polish national team: a defeat all round. Selector Paulo Sousa has messed with the composition. Poland – Hungary 1:2

After victory over Andorra 4:1 and promotion to the qualification round for the World Cup 2022, the Red and White fought for victory with the representation of Hungary, but unfortunately it did not work out.

Already in the 6th minute Zsolt Nagy was punished with a yellow card. In the first minutes there was a lot of shoving and fouls on the pitch, and little concrete under the goals.

In the 10th minute the first dangerous situation was created by the Red-Whites. A flat pass from the left wing reached Krzysztof Piątek, but the Hertha striker’s shot was blocked by one of the Hungarian defenders.

In the 11th minute Krzysztof Piątek had a chance after a composed action, his shot was blocked by a defender. The Poles attacked more frequently down the right, but Cash had problems with passing the ball into the opponent’s 16.

Robert Lewandowski was absent from the pitch on Monday, as the manager decided to spare him. Kamil Glik and Grzegorz Krychowiak did not play in the meeting with Hungary, but in their case it was a matter of yellow cards and matches in the play-offs, which will take place in March.

In the 19th minute there was a huge commotion in the visitors’ penalty area. After being played in by Piątek, Jan Bednarek failed to make the most of his opportunity, as he missed the ball cleanly. Twenty minutes later the Hungarians created their first situation. Szczęsny kicked the ball out in front of him after Kevin Varga’s throw-in, fortunately there was no opponent nearby.

In the 27th minute, again an uncertain intervention of the defence, the guests won only a corner kick. After a pass, Zsolt Nagy misbehaved and the ball was intercepted by the Poles.

In the 37th minute the Polish goalkeeper was beaten. After a free kick, Tymoteusz Puchacz deflected the ball and Andras Schaefer scored from close range (the ball flew between Szczęsny’s legs).

It happens to our team in almost every game. Sousa’s inept team suddenly “switched off” from the game, after a free kick from several dozen meters the ball fell into the Polish penalty area and we lost a goal. Puchacz unluckily extended the pass with his head and Andras Schafer hit the ball so that it fell between Szczęsny’s legs into the goal.

At the end of the first half, the Red-Whites pressed again and started pressing high in the opponents’ half. However, the goal was scored by the visitors – in the 38th minute Puchacz unluckily extended a free kick with his head, and Schafer put the ball into the net from close range.

From the beginning of the second half Piotr Zieliński (for Moder) and Kamil Jóźwiak, who changed Cash, got a chance to play.

In the 53rd minute it could have been 0:2, but Szabolcs Schoen’s shot was saved by Szczesny.

The Hungarians made the better impression in this period of the game, but – as often happens in football – they soon lost a goal. In the 61st minute, after a transfer from a corner kick, Karol Świderski, the protagonist of the October 1-0 away match against Albania, scored with his head.

This, however, was not the end of emotions. In the 80th minute the Hungarians carried out a fast, composed action, which was finished with an effective shot by Daniel Gazdag, introduced during the second half.

When the referee ended the match, Sousa’s team said goodbye to the Hungarian team with long whistles, the loudest at PGE Narodowy in years. The Hungarians, on the other hand, were applauded by the Polish fans for playing ambitiously until the end, although for them this match was only about honour.

This is the first defeat of the Poles on the representative object in over seven and a half years. Previously they lost on 5 March 2014 friendly against Scotland 0:1

It was a poor match in our performance. I am disappointed, like all fans, with today’s defeat. We have a difficult task in the play-offs, but the Poles always fight to the end. Now is the time for the coaching staff to draw conclusions and correct our mistakes. The interview was given by Cezary Kulesza, President of the Polish Football Association.

Polish national team secured its promotion in the play-offs of the World Cup 2022 in the penultimate match against Andorra. Despite finishing second in Group I, the red and white team were still unsure of their place in the group, and the condition to seal this position was getting at least one point in the last game against Hungary. To the fans’ surprise Paulo Sousa decided to give Robert Lewandowski a rest. The captain of the Polish national team did not help the team and the Poles lost 1:2 at PGE Narodowy and were trembling for the separation until the end. Unfortunately, the results of other teams meant that the red and white team will not be seeded in the draw for the 2022 World Cup qualifying round.

After the defeat, a scandal broke out and fans and journalists began to wonder why Sousa did not field Lewandowski in a match with stakes. A Łączy Nas Piłka video showing the striker talking to Jakub Kwiatkowski added fuel to the fire, with some fans claiming that it was only after the game that the player was aware of what the clash with Hungary was about.

Poland – Hungary 1:2 (0:1).

Goals: for Poland – Karol Świderski (61); for Hungary – Andras Schaefer (37), Daniel Gazdag (80).

Poland: Wojciech Szczęsny – Tomasz Kędziora, Paweł Dawidowicz, Jan Bednarek – Matty Cash (46. Kamil Jóźwiak), Mateusz Klich, Karol Linetty (65. Przemysław Frankowski), Jakub Moder (46. Piotr Zieliński), Tymoteusz Puchacz (83. Przemysław Płacheta) – Krzysztof Piątek (65. Arkadiusz Milik), Karol Świderski.

Hungary: Denes Dibusz – Attila Fiola, Adam Lang, Attila Szalai – Loic Nego, Adam Nagy (90. Balint Vecsei), Kevin Varga (58. Daniel Gazdag), Andras Schaefer, Szabolcs Schoen (72. Tamas Kiss), Zsolt Nagy – Adam Szalai (89. Janos Hahn).


Poland will play against Russia in the semifinals and then it remains to be seen whether our rival will be Sweden or the Czech Republic.

If the red-whites defeat Valeriy Karpin’s team, the final meeting will take place in Poland (it was decided by draw). This match will take place on 28 or 29 March. Then we can face the winner of the match between Sweden and Czech Republic. And how do the other play-off pairs look like? In the path A the representation of Wales got to Austria, while Scotland to Ukraine. Here, either Wales or Austria will host the deciding clash.

By far the most difficult is path C. Portugal will take on Turkey and Italy will face North Macedonia. In the final of the play-offs, Cristiano Ronaldo and co. will play on home ground against the current European champions. But we already know that at least one of these teams will definitely not play at next year’s World Cup.

Twelve teams will be drawn in four different paths (A, B, C and D). The winners of the semi-finals in each of these will then face each other in the final. The hosts of these matches will also be determined by the draw.
When will the play-off matches be played? The six semi-finals on Thursday 24 March and the three finals on Tuesday 28 March. Kick-off times for the matches will be announced after the draw.

Track A:
Scotland – Ukraine
Wales – Austria (the winner will host the final match)

Track B:
Russia – Poland (winner will host the final match)
Sweden – Czech Republic

Track C:
Italy – North Macedonia
Portugal – Turkey (winner will host the final match)


Results Group I

Poland – Hungary 1:2 (0:1)

San Marino – England 0:10 (0:6)

Albania – Andorra 1:0 (0:0)

Group I table

1. England 10 26 39-3

2. Poland 10 20 30-11
3. Albania 10 18 12-12

4. Hungary 10 17 19-13

5. Andorra 10 6 8-24

6. San Marino 10 0 1-46



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