After incredible emotions won promotion to Euro 2024. we forced this meeting Wales defeated after penalty kicks 5 -4 . Wales – Poland (0-0) P (4-5)

After incredible emotions Polish national team  won promotion to Euro 2024. Thanks to winning a series of penalty kicks “White-Red” defeated Wales and will go to Germany in June for the big tournament.

Being lucky, I didn’t have work on that day and waited for this match until the last minute. I watched the entire match along with overtime . Wales vs. Poland this meeting took place on the opponent’s ground in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. . This match was the last hope for both teams to dream of promotion and very important for their history of each country and to prove to themselves and others who is better and who deserves promotion to Germany . For the Red and White after so many unsuccessful matches and slip-ups it was to be or not to be what they should be promoted in November , not now in March this promotion to the Finals to Euro 2024 . From the very beginning in the city of Cardiff Polish fans were heard everywhere and loud and had a great time and integrated with the local Welsh in pabuch and restaurants sang, discussed and danced together, and the atmosphere was peaceful not aggressive and such fans we need, who go to have fun, support and cheer with dignity our national soccer team .We have Tuesday 26.03.2024 what an atmosphere here in Wales.

The Poles survived the agonizing match and we swept the encounter in great luck after scoring a goal for Wales , but Moor’s goal was not recognized because he was offside . The Poles won against Wales after penalty kicks 5-4 (0:0 ), ( k. 5:4 ) and will play at Euro 2024, because although we were tired of soccer in Cardiff, our national team survived the way of the cross. We are going to the European Championships as a black horse
The Red-and-Whites won against Wales after a 5:4 penalty shootout. Wojciech Szczesny defended a very important penalty for Poland, which gave us promotion to the 2024 European Championships in Germany.

The same players ran onto the pitch in Cardiff who started the game last Thursday at the National Stadium. Which means they lived up to coach Michal Probierz’s expectations. The beginning of the match was marked by high pressure from both sides, there were no frantic attacks. After a dozen minutes or so, it seemed that the Poles felt freer and were getting into the vicinity of the opponents’ goal quite easily.
Both teams started cautiously, and we had to wait until the 17th minute for the first dangerous shot, when Davies headed in after a center from a corner kick. However, the Tottenham defender moved the ball over the crossbar.
In the first half we watched a typical “fighting match” – neither side had too many goal opportunities. In the ranks of the White-Red most active was Jakub Piotrowski, who shot from distance several times, but each time very inaccurately.

9` Failed long-distance pass by the Poles. The Welsh start from near their penalty area.

13`The first dangerous action in the match. Frankowski passed far to the running Świderski. The latter minimally missed to knock the ball down.

17` Moore’s shot over the crossbar of Szczęsny’s goal.

49` Great intervention by Szczęsny. Moore, after a pass from a free kick, hit the ball so that it flew just under the crossbar.

54` Poles launched a counterattack, but Rodon handled Lewandowski.

63` The Poles are pushing on the Welsh goal.

65` A missed shot by Kiwior after a fixed part of the game.

66` Poles took the initiative. There is a lack of finishing.

69` Moore knocked the ball down, but too lightly to surprise Szczesny.

89` Tough play by Salamon against Moore.

100` First a big threat under the Polish goal, and then a counter attack of the White-Red ended with a minimally missed shot by Piotrowski from a distance.

116` Nicola Zalewski halted on the left side of the penalty area, but won a corner kick. After a pass, Jakub Kiwior rapped his head in front of the goal, from where the hosts

kicked out.

118`Wojciech Szczęsny accurately sends the ball to the left side to Taras Romanczuk. Daniel James gets to it and falls behind the sideline.

119` Daniel James interrupts the Poles’ action with a hand play. Free kick from the left side, but far from the goal. Short play in the middle of the field.

120`Przemysław Frankowski saw the far forward Danny Ward. He hit with his left foot from the right side, near the corner of the penalty area, towards the goal. The Welsh goalkeeper managed to get back.

120` One minute added to the second part of overtime.


Sharp, late entry of the Welshman into the legs of Taras Romanchuk.

120`+1′ The Welshman knocks the ball out after a free kick center and Daniele Orsato blows the whistle!


BEFORE THE CRIMINAL RULES I will already praise will be held the Poles will start the penalties .

Thus, the promotion to the European Championships had to be decided by a series of penalty kicks.

121`Drawing of sides. The captains are Ben Davies and Robert Lewandowski.

121`The Poles are starting. More specifically, Robert Lewandowski.

121`Robert Lewandowski confidently at the left post! Danny Ward threw himself to the right.

121` Ben Davies in the middle; Wojciech Szczęsny threw himself towards the left post.

121` Sebastian Szymanski hard into the middle. Confused Danny Ward

121` Kieffer Moore was lucky. Strong strike from the crossbar, the ball crossed the goal line!

121`Przemysław Frankowski confidently “under the counter”!

121` Harry Wilson confidently into the middle

121`Nicola Zalewski confidently at the left post, Danny Ward did not reach!

121` Neco Williams calmly, near the right post. He confused Wojciech Szczesny

121` Krzysztof Piątek firmly at the left post. Danny Ward threw himself towards the right!


After incredible emotions won promotion to Euro 2024. Thanks to winning a series of penalty kicks, the “White-Reds” defeated Wales and will go to Germany in June for the big tournament. Shortly after the defended penalty kick, the players approached the stand occupied by Polish fans and sang the national anthem together with them.

The Welsh posed the most danger with fixed passages of play and centrifuges. After one such action, the hosts hit Wojciech Szczesny’s net. After the centering, the ball was knocked down by Kieffer Moore, and Ben Davies scored with his head, but the Tottenham defender was minimally burned, so the goal was not recognized.

There was a scoreless draw in basic time and extra time. This result means that the Poles will take part in this year’s Euros played in Germany.

The European Championships will begin on June 14, hosted by Germany. Poles can rejoice we are going there and will fight again . The teams taking part in the play-offs will complete the group of finalists. Already a few months ago the groups of Euro 2024 were drawn Poland will face in the group with: The Netherlands, Austria and France.


Wales 0-0 (k. 4-5) Poland

Penalty kicks: 1. 0-1 Lewandowski, 1-1 Davies , 2. 1-2 Szymanski, 2-2 Moore 2-3 Frankowski, 3-3 Wilson , 4. 3-4 Zalewski, 4-4 Williams , 4-5 Piątek, 4-5 D. James (Szczęsny’s defense)

Wales: 12. Danny Ward – 5. Chris Mepham, 4. Ben Davies, 6. Joe Rodon – 14. Connor Roberts (84′ 7. David Brooks (112′ 23. Nathan Broadhead)), 15. Ethan Ampadu, 17. Jordan James, 3. Neco Williams – 9. Brennan Johnson (70′ 20. Daniel James), 8. Harry Wilson – 13. Kieffer Moore

Poland: 1. Wojciech Szczęsny – 3. Paweł Dawidowicz, 5. Jan Bednarek (79′ 17. Bartosz Salamon), 14. Jakub Kiwior – 19. Przemysław Frankowski, 8. Bartosz Slisz, 10. Piotr Zieliński (101′ 20. Sebastian Szymański), 6. Jakub Piotrowski (106′ 13. Taras Romanczuk), 21. Nicola Zalewski – 7. Karol Świderski (79′ 23. Krzysztof Piątek), 9. Robert Lewandowski

Yellow cards: J. James, Mepham x2 – Piotrowski, Zalewski

Red card: Mepham




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